The Huphington Poast...Wants...Your...Writing


Are you a fan of horrifically claustrophobic web designs?


Does the term "popular culture" define your existence?


Are you a dilettante? 


Do you get inspired by the New York Post, but maintain your staunch liberal agenda?


Do you regurgitate material from other sources, and paraphrase it with slightly opinionated remarks?


Do you conform with every solitary thing you do in order to stay hip?


Do you lack your own personality?


Are you ignorant to the fact that everyone actually despises you?


Good luck with your submission.

 What about The Ay.Vee. Klub? Ugh.
Everyone's a "nerd" these days, but those guys are just losers.


I can't take it! Somebody help me post my original writing!


Deep breaths. There's The Blish.