The AWEL Wants To Give Your Writing a Shot!


Do you think that you're the funniest person that you know?


Do you think that you're the "funnest" person that you know? ;-)


Are you a fan of terrible blog design layouts that make anything you've written look completely drab?


Do you excel at writing anecdotal stories that no one can relate to?


Can you write so provocatively that you might make a 70 year-old who's recently learned modern, youthful colloquialisms chuckle?


Do people cringe whenever you say a curse word because if feels like you're trying so hard to be fervent or emotional, and mostly,  the word just doesn't fit you?


Well, unfortunately,  we can't publish your work right now because I just heard this awesome sonnnngggg, and its Soundcloud MUST go up!


Oh, you again.


Well, why don't you maybe change everything to be less provocative? Then we'll see.




Good luck with your submission.

Oh wait...the Huphington Poast...That's shitty enough for little old me...




" Why can't the Internet writing world be a little more edgy,
without being as moronic as Vise? Just fucking be real!"



"Wait. No way! The Blish is everything I've been looking for!"