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A Payment's Retribution


The Blish Collective appreciates money.

It makes the world go 'round.



We condone receiving payment for hard work.

It inspires more writing and gives people an incentive. 
(Although, perhaps, to a fault.)



We also are in support of buying things, and living a stable lifestyle.

"iWant iStuff and $200 shirts. Oh yeah, and to pay my rent."




"A struggling writer"

struggles, surely.


But why is this modern day writer struggling?


Does a writer struggle when attempting to make money per blog post?


Does a writer struggle with paying rent
because the money per post is minuscule?


Does a writer struggle because one is forced to
constantly conform to mass public appeal for a measly wage?


Does a writer struggle because one churns out
post after post of garbage
only to work at a prominent blog for a stable salary,
meanwhile, their own integrity
and intentions of creating thought-provoking writing,
of which could have provided more wealth,
and more importantly, quality pieces of writing, 
are thrown out the window?



Where does your struggle lie?



Do you struggle because you choose to not conform
to the standard practice of writing that blogs and web sources have embraced today?


Do you struggle because no one will take a chance on your subversive or controversial writing?
(We're not talking about Vise, here.)


Do you struggle because you want your individual writing style to flourish
without having to appease to the standards held amongst the limited number
of popular submission sources of today?


Do you struggle because you're unable to fathom how publishing one's writing on a well-known internet
source has turned into a money-scrounging corner of devalued quality?


Do you struggle because you see that prominent blogs and web sources of today
are barely even writing anymore, limiting their posts to video clips
and shortened articles, including numbered (f*cking) lists, of around 250 words?


Do you struggle because you just want your writing to gain proper exposure,
but it's held back by today's apathetic, yet stringent and pretentious standards?



Let's change the Internet for the betterment of humanity.




Let us know your struggle.



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