Ever heard of us? 


No? Well, ever heard of Twitter?


I, I bet you used to have a Blogger site too. Remember that, huh? 


You'd agree that we can basically do anything we want with all that experience under our belt,
and it'll trend, right?



Well then, what if there were a "Blogger 2.0," but instead of that old shit where it never really gave you any legitimacy,  it'd be a new and improved, singular quasi-social network, gilded with cutting-edge kitsch, where everyone could pretend to have an influence through meaningless posts that try to adhere to lowbrow, unwarranted "How To" articles?


Do you envision a world where every single aspect of life amasses into an all-encompassing social network?


Do you prefer 2 minute reads, 28 minute reads, or do you consider the Human race plagued with morons who can't take a piece of writing for what it is?


Don't you appreciate the fact that we offer a facade of equality to all of our writers, but really, we only pay "real" writers with "real" experience, that of which derives from our elitist position of patronizing culture based off of one's mostly nepotistic, self-aggrandizing background?


Are you one number shy on a "listicle" of getting published on Buhzfeet?


Are you a "wanna be" modern day blogger who will water down terrible content so you can prove that you're just as awful as everyone else?



Good Luck With Your Submission.



The Blish Collective is collecting submissions.
Email  astrugglingwriter@gmail.com for more  details.


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