Gothamish Wants Your Writing Submissions


Do you “know” New York? Like, really?


Can you come up with force-fed recurring trends?


Are you sort of up to date on mayoral knowledge?


Can you invigorate the public with super-hip youth jargon, like "cronut" and "normcore"?


Have you ever looked at our Staff page and muttered, “Wow, I want to look like all of them mushed into one giant ramen burger."


Do you really enjoy telling people what they need to do? Well, you should.


How long have you f*cking lived in New York?


Can you joke self-referentially about being a "transplant?"


Do you incessantly feel the urge to try every restaurant we list because it’s obviously correct?


Does writing a list of the best things in New York make you feel like this is your city?


Can you recite the NYC Etiquette verbatim?


Did you ever see a rat on the subway?


What about that video on Youtube?


Pretty funny, right?


All those people jumping around.


But don’t CLICK this. It’s of that kid shitting on the seat of the G train.


Will you please patiently wait by your email while we never respond to your submission? 


Good luck with your submission.

Well there's Vise, but shit, I write better than that.