Write for Galker


Do you hate Vice Media?


Have you ever read the “Nuts Ranked” series by Hamilton Nolan?


Has John Cook ever made you shovel your f*cking walk?


Have you ever slurred your words through blog posts?


Could you ever write a faux-quirky article about what people should have done in benign situations?


Can you create fun headlines with clever, adjective-ridden phrases, like “Awesome Dad Cries While Watching Amy Poehler at the Emmys"?


Do you know anyone with information on Rob Ford, or other known public figures, and would you surreptitiously smoke crack with them and film it if we utilized a campaign to raise funds that might provoke you to do so?


Do you appreciate conglomerate empires with zero integrity?


Do you love scouring through garbage, and does the content from Reddit intrigue you?


Are you a cliché, stereotypical figure, or potential character with a role in society who can write about that role with utmost bias?


Have you discovered feminism through Jezebel?


Do you think a dog that can write is a clever idea for a blog?


Do you love Kanye West? 




Good luck with your submission.

Eek, you could try Gothamish, I guess.